Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Dynamics CRM End User - Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Online training and support

Microsoft Dynamics CRM training courses : 

We deliver the full range of Microsoft Dynamic CRM training courses – and some Dynamics CRM courses of our own. Whether your goal is to acquire a specific skill, a range of skills or achieve accreditation, we can help.

SPECTOTRAINING.COM Quick Start Training gives companies the opportunity to engage with our expert CRM Online instructors for a fraction of our normal consulting rate. SPECTO Quick Start is a flexible and open-ended online training program. It does not force attendees into a set curriculum. Instead, you tell us what you need our CRM Online instructor to teach you for a set low rate. Dynamics CRM Online Training can be used to train an individual, such as an accidental admin, or a group, such as a new sales team.

This course is intended for individuals who plan to implement, use, maintain, or support Microsoft Dynamics CRM in their organization. The course is intended for anyone who wants to gain foundational knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016.

Dynamics CRM 2016 for the End User :

This course is intended as an introduction for individuals that plan to use Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 in their organization.

Module 01: What is Dynamics CRM?
Module 02: Basic Record Types 
Module 03: Views and Forms 
Module 04: Working with the Application 

Module 05: CRM for Communication.

Dynamics CRM 2016 - Sales Management :

The Sales Management course provides information on the full functionality of the Sales functionality of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016. It provides information about various customer scenarios, lead through opportunity management, product catalog management, sales transaction processing, goal management, and sales analysis

Module 01: Introduction to Sales Management
Module 02: Lead Management
Module 03: Working with Opportunity Records 
Module 04: Product Catalog
Module 05: Sales Order Process
Module 06: Metrics and Goals
Module 07: Sales Analysis

Module 08: Course Review.

Dynamics CRM 2016 - Customer Service :

 The Dynamics CRM Customer Service course focuses on how an organization can nurture customer satisfaction through automation of business processes. It provides an insight into all of the powerful Customer Service and Service Scheduling functionality capabilities within Dynamics CRM 2016.

Module 01: Introduction to Service Management
Module 02: Case Management
Module 03: Knowledge Base 
Module 04: Queue Management
Module 05: Service Level Agreements
Module 06: Entitlements 
Module 07: Service Scheduling
Module 08: Interactive Service Hub
Module 09: Unified Service Desk
Module 10: Service Management Analysis
Module 11: FieldOne
Module 12: Voice of the Customer 

Module 13: Course Review.

Field One Solutions for Dynamics CRM 2016 :

This course is intended for individuals that plan to use FieldOne Sky Solution with Dynamics CRM 2016 in their organization. 

Module 01: Introduction to FieldOne

Module 02: Administration
Module 03: Roles: Field Agent, Manager, Dispatcher 
Module 04: Work Orders & Scheduling 
Module 05: Asset Tracking & Inventory

Module 06: FieldOne Mobile