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Best Online training institute | Oracle Apps Finance functional Courses

Learn Oracle 11i/11g Financials from our experienced professionals. This course will covers all the aspects in Oracle.



Quality :

  • 100% Job-Oriented Training.
  • Instructor-Lead, Live Classroom, Online and Corporate Training.
  • Course syllabus is designed by experts who have experience, knowledge and understanding of the market.
  • Hands-on training with in-class exercises and projects.
  • Real-time (live) projects and intern opportunities where applicable – in 2014, we had placed close to 100 students as interns. We are continuing this process in 2015.
  • High-quality instructors with experience and passion for teaching.
  • Quality material provided to students and will help with installation of software for practices.
  • Videos: Students can watch the selected videos to review topics.
Course Contents :
    • 11i E-Business Suite Essential for Implementors 
      • Introduction to  eBusiness Suite
      • Shared Entities and Integration
      • Multi-Organization model application and reporting
      • Application Configuration with Flexfield
        • Define a Value Set
        • Define and test a Key Flexfield
        • Define and test Descriptive Flexfields
      • System Administration
      • Oracle Workflow and Alerts
      • Daily Business Intelligence
    • 11i General Ledger Management Fundamentals 
      • Set of Books
      • Journal Entries
      • Multi-Currency
      • Intercompany and Global Intercompany System (GIS)
      • Consolidations
      • Budgeting
      • Financial Reporting
      • ADI
      • General Ledger Overview
      • Financial Reporting Options
    •  Oracle Payables Management Fundamentels 
      • Procure to Pay Lifecycle Overview
      • Payables Overview
      • Suppliers
      • Invoices
      • Quick Invoices
      • Payments
      • Expense Reports and Credit Cards
      • Period Close
      • Appendix 1: Invoice Tax
      • Appendix 2: Withholding Tax
    •  Oracle Receivables Management Fundamentals 
      • Overiew of Oracle Receivables Process
      • Manage Parties and Customer Accounts
      • Order to Cash Lifecycle Overview
      • Process Invoices
      • Process Invoices Using Autoinvoice
      • Implement Customer Invoicing
      • Manual Receipts
      • Implement Receipts
      • Tax Accounting Process
      • Period Close Process
    •  Oracle Implementation & Use Cash Management
      • Setting up Oracle Cash Management
      • Managing Bank Statements
      • Reconciling Bank Statements
      • Cash Positioning
      • Performing Cash Forecast
      • Cash Pools
    • Asset Management Fundamentals

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Oracle Apps Technical Courses,Oracle Apps R12 Online Training

Best Oracle Apps Technical Training Institutes Specto Technologies in UK, provides real-time and placement oriented Oracle Apps Functional Training Programs in UK. If you want to get a good job in one of the reputed MNCs in the country, then you should have the requisite expertise, if not the experience. The course and syllabus framed in colleges is usually changed once in five or six years, which means that what you study may not be relevant to the expectations on the work floor. In order to equip and train yourself to meet the challenges of the working environment, you should improve your knowledge by studying in one of the leading Oracle Apps Functional Training Institutes in UK.

Specto Technologies oracle apps Technical online tutoring website portal also have a special feature of getting your doubts clarified during the stipulated online oracle training and tutoring time also, because this makes your mind to be free enough in getting the doubts clarified right at the instant of the doubt raised so that you can concentrate more on the concept unlike the other oracle apps training online websites like thinking about the same doubt right from the beginning to the ending and at the end you are asked for any queries so that you shouldn’t disturb the lecture in between, of oracle apps Technical training online course this is also a good concept in giving the knowledge but this seems to be outdated right now to the present generation because they need to get their doubt clarified right at the moment they get it in their mind. If you want to build custom application code that integrates with and has the same look and feel as oracle apps training online, you must follow these standards. If you do not follow these standards exactly as they are presented, you may not achieve an acceptable result.

  • Course Duration : 30 Hrs.
  • Regular : 1 Hour per day.
  • Fast Track : 2 - 3 Hours per day.
  • Weekdays : Monday - Friday.
  • Weekend : Saturday and Sunday.
  • We also Provide Corporate Training for Oracle Apps Functional and Technical  Training Course.




 USA :+1-847-787-7647

India :+91-9533456356


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Oracle Apps scm Functional R12 Online Training-United States

Oracle Apps SCM Online Functional Training in United States.

Specto IT Training: Oracle supply chain management applications use information to improve key supply chain processes from design and planning to manufacturing and fulfillment. create information-driven value chains enable to predict market requirements N risks and adapt to volatile market conditions and align the value chain across global networks to meet the goals. Value chain is the set of business functions senses actual demand and expressly accounts for demand at the customer level. Oracle was named Best Supply Chain Management System in the Intelligent Enterprise 2007 Readers Choice Awards. Oracle SCM training teach to create and implement holistic plans detailed schedules to long-term, aggregate plans. The plans can include manufacturing processes and all organizations across a virtual supply chain. A comprehensive solution for distribution and manufacturing planning is as hub and spoke planning.

Oracle Apps SCM Functional Course Content

Inventory Module:
  •   Introduction of Inventory
  •   Definition of Location
  •   Definition of Calendar
  •   Definition of Organization
  •   Master Item Definition
  •   Assign Item to Organization
  •   Item templates
  •   Item Attributes
  •   Definition of Sub Inventories and Locators
  •   On-hand Quantities
  •   Miscellaneous Receipts and Issues
  •   Sub Inventory transactions.
  •   Move Order Transactions
  •   Inter Org Transactions
  •   Mini-Max Planning
  •   Replenishment Planning
  •   Re Order Point Planning
  •   Kanban Planning
  •   ABC analysis
  •   Physical Counting
  •   Cycle Counting
  •   All other Relevant inventory setups
  •   Generate relevant inventory reports
Purchase Module:
  •   Introduction of Purchasing
  •   Define all the relevant Setups for Purchasing
  •   Define Suppliers and Approved Suppliers
  •   Define Requisitions
  •   Define RFQ and Quotations
  •   Purchase Order flow
  •   Manual generated PO’s and through Auto Create.
  •   Types of Purchase Orders
  •   Define Standard Purchase Order
  •   Define Planned Purchase Order
  •   Define Blanket Purchase Order
  •   Define Contract Purchase Order
  •  Receiving Transactions Against PO’s
  •   Return transactions Against PO’s
  •  Generate all PO relevant reports

  • Order Management Module:
  •   Introduction of Order Management
  •   Understanding OM Cycles
  •   All relevant setups for Order Management
  • Type of Sales Orders
  •   ISO Cycle
  •   Drop Shipment
  •   RMA Cycle.
  •   Define customers
  •   Define shipping methods
  •   Define price list
  •   Copy price list
  •   Adjust price list
  •   Add item to price list
  •   Generate all OM relevant reports
Bill of Materials Module:
  •   Introduction of Bill of Materials
  •   Define Bill of Material Parameters
  •   Define bills and bill levels
  •   Comparing bills and Indented bills
  •   Create common bills
  • Attach the documents of bills
  •   Define resources
  •   Define departments and standard operations codes
  •   Define routings
  •   All relevant setups for bill of materials
  •   BOM Types.
  •   Generate relevant BOM reports
Work in Process Module:
  • Introduction of work in process
  •   Introduction of type of Mfg. process
  •   Define WIP parameters
  •   Define WIP accounting class
  •   Relevant WIP setups
  •   Complete cyclic flow for Discrete Mfg. and transactions
  •   Complete cyclic flow for Repetitive Mfg. and transactions
  •   Query Job/Schedule details


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Oracle Apps ERP Online Training-Apps Technical online training institutes

Oracle Apps ERP Online Training Courses -Best Oracle Apps Technical online training institutes in United States & Canada.
Best Professional training Institute in United States and Canada. It provides Best training in any professional course. Spectoittraining Oracle Apps Technical training centers are having Best lab facilities and excellent infrastructure. we have successfully trained and provided placement assistance for many of our Trained Oracle Apps Technical students, Oracle Apps Technical training training course fee is very economical compared to other Training Institutes In United States and Canada.
Our oracle apps trainers are oracle application certified experts and experienced working professionals with hands on real time multiple Oracle Apps projects knowledge. We have designed our oracle apps course content and syllabus based on students requirement to achieve everyone's career goal.
We, at Specto Training provide updated training in Oracle App's R12 Technical. Oracle is the Object-Relational Database Management system gives back-end designing solution for Database. Presently it's the most reliable system in the market due to its simplicity. Specto Training provides excellent application oriented program on Oracle App's R12 Technical over many institutes which still based on ORACLE APPS R12 Technical. Our highly qualified trainers give flawless techniques for difficult concepts. Unlike many training centers erected over recent past.



Introduction to ERP

  • Definition of ERP, Overview of popular ERP'S
  • Comparison of Oracle Apps with other ERP'S
  • Types of Roles
  • Types of Projects
  • AIM documentation standards
  • Oracle Application Architecture.
  • Database structure of OA
  • Using TOAD
  • Application Object Library

  • Creating Users
  • WHO columns
  • Creating Responsibilities
  • Menu construction
  • Request group construction
  • Application development

  • Defining concurrent program
  • Concurrent programs with parameters
  • Working with multiple concurrent programs
  • Scheduling the Concurrent Program
  • Concurrent Program incompatibilities
  • Creating Request Set
  • Procedure registration
  • Value sets
  • Registration of Custom Objects

  • Registration of Application
  • Report development
  • Report registration
  • Parametric report registration
  • Registration of a Table
  • Registration of Sql, Sql Loader, PL/SQL programs
  • Interfaces

  • Introduction to Interfaces
  • Outbound Interfaces
  • Using UTL_FILE package
  • Inbound Interfaces
  • Using SQL * Loader tool
  • SQL * Loader Concepts
  • Data File.
  • Control File.
  • Bad File.
  • Discard File.
  • Log File.
  • Commands in Sql * Loader
  • Registration Of control File in Oracle Apps.
  • Conversions

  • Overview on conversions
  • Difference between Interfaces and conversions
  • Working with staging table script
  • Developing validations package
  • Standards to be followed in conversions
  • Flex Fields

  • Overview of flex fields
  • Types of Flex Fields
  • Descriptive Flex Fields
  • Key Flex Fields
  • Step in creation of DFF
  • Flex fields tables and relations
  • Profiles

  • Overview of profile options
  • Different levels in Setting profiles
  • Steps in setting a profile option
  • Some important profile options
  • Some important API’s of profiles
  • Value sets

  • Overview of value sets
  • Options in value sets
  • Types of value sets
  • Creation of value set
  • Overview of value set tables
  • Multi Org Concepts

  • What is Multi Org and why we need.
  • Multi Org Tables.
  • Multi Org Views.
  • PO Overview and tables

  • Overview of purchasing
  • Major setups and transactions
  • Overview of some purchasing tables
  • INV Overview and Tables

  • Overview of inventory
  • Major setups and transactions
  • Overview of some INV Tables
  • OM Overview and Tables

  • Overview of order management
  • Major setups and transactions
  • Overview of some Order Management Tables
  • GL Overview and Tables

  • Overview of GL
  • Major setups and transactions
  • Overview of some GL tables
  • AP Overview and tables

  • Overview of payables
  • Major setups and transactions
  • Overview of some payable tables
  • Form personalization

  • Forms personalization: need and benefits
  • Use validate feature to confirm conditions and strings
  • Form Personalization v/s Form CustomizationOverview on alerts
  • Types of alerts
  • Creation of alerts
  • Workflows

  • Introduction to workflow
  • Workflow builder
  • Attributes
  • Creating Processes
  • XML Publisher

  • Introduction to XML Publisher
  • Generating XML file using reports
  • Creating Templates
  • Creating Data Definitions.
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    Oracle Apps EBS Financials online trainers,Online training institutes

    Oracle Apps EBS Financials online trainers,Online training institutes ,Oracle Apps Financial Training At USA UK CANADA,LONDON AND EUROPE.

        Specto IT Training providing Oracle Apps Financial Training for all kind of Oracle projects like Implementation, Up-gradation and Production Support. We are conducting assessment process for each module to understand the students learning ability. Also conducting mock interview processes.

    Our approach to training is very unique. We have segmented the training program uniquely for each trainee. For the students, freshers, non-financial professionals, we first make them understand the business process and concepts. We then teach the implementation and mapping the same in Oracle Financial system. The entire teaching and learning process is real-time and highly interactive.

    Specto Training providing excellent Oracle Apps Financial Training in USA,UK,LONDON and SINGAPORE locations with experienced trainers. Our training strategies are Class room training, Process flow in Oracle Application by trainers and independent testing by Students. Also, during the training part we will cover how the Oracle Financial modules linked with other modules.
    Our documents for Oracle Processes through word format are specially designed by our trainers for Students. The documents are having Screenshot with navigation and Process explanations which can easily make you comfortable proceedings in Oracle Processes.

    Oracle Apps. Financials - COURSE OUTLINE

     Financials Group (AR/GL/AP/FA/CM) Accounts Receivable

  • Customer Architecture
  • Customer creation process
  • Customer conversion, Multi Language, Multi Org data
  • Invoice Process Flow
  • Invoice creation process
  • Auto Invoice Interface
  • Revenue Recognization
  • Credit memo creation process
  • Invoice conversion, Multi Org
  • Receipts
  • Lock box for receipts
  • Reports
  • General Ledger

  • GL Architecture
  • Create a Chart Of Accounts
  • Create a Set of Books
  • Create Calendars
  • Create Currencies
  • Define Rate Types
  • Define Rates
  • Define Period Types
  • Define the Accounting Calendar
  • Link a Chart of Accounts to a Set of Books
  • Link a Functional Currency to a Set of Books
  • GL Process flows ,Create Basic Journal Entries
  • GL Interface, Integration with legacy system and sub ledgers
  • Cross Validation Rules
  • ADI Process
  • Budget Process
  • Define daily conversion rates
  • Reports
  • Accounts Payable

  • Payables Architecture
  • Set Up Suppliers And Supplier Sites
  • Invoice creation process
  • Set up invoice batching
  • Describe payables matching options
  • Supplier conversion
  • Payable Invoice Conversion
  • Multi Language Conversion
  • Reports
  • Fixed Assets

  • Assets Architecture
  • Fixed assets integration
  • Depreciation
  • Depreciation Methods
  • Categories
  • Retirements
  • Asset conversion
  • Cash Management

  • Overview of Oracle Cash Management
  • Process Flow
  • Bank Reconciliation Process
  • Set up Accounts Payable
  • Define a Payment Bank
  • Bank Statement Interface
  • Reports