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MS Dynamics AX 2012 R3 Retail Functional Training |USA CANADA,UK & UAE

Online Training Courses | MS Dynamics AX 2012 R3 Retail Functional Training |USA CANADA,UK & UAE | SITC is an MS Dynamics portal providing high end quality online training courses. We have all topics of Microsoft dynamics,AX,CRM etc covered in-depth. Our teaching methodology includes in-depth theory on every topic which prepares you for interview and followed by practical demonstration of the subject so that you can find doing project very easy. Our online training course are designed in such a way that any beginner can start and eventually grow as advanced developer. To keep the content easy to follow and simple, all the sessions are compiled by same trainer Mr.Sunny having 8 years of experience and is Microsoft certified Trainer.

Introduction to ERP and Retail Segment

• Retail Solutions Overview
• Types of Retailers for AX Retail
• Typical Retail Organisations

Overview of AX 2012 - Retail Solution Components
• Key Components
• Retail Communication Framework - Retail HQ, Services, POS
• Retail Solution Architecture

Key Knowledge Areas-
• Enterprise POS Architecture
• Modern POS and Retail Server Architecture
• Hardware Station

Key Setup-up Areas
• Pre-Requisites & System Requirements
• Demo VPC setup
• AX 2012 R3 Demo Data
• Azure VM setup
• Life Cycle Services – Business Process Modeller

Key Knowledge Areas
• AX 2012 R3 Database overview
• Application Object Tree (AOT)

Key Knowledge Areas
• AX 2012 R3 Introduction – AX32 Client, Navigation
• AX 2012 R3 Retail Architecture Overview
• Licensing AX 2012, Task, Functional, Enterprise Users

Key Knowledge Areas
• Microsoft Sure Step
• Microsoft Project – Typical Project Overview
• Typical RFP overview

• Legal Entities
• Operational Entities
• Organisation Hierarchy & Purpose

Key Set-up Areas-
• Parameters – Retail Parameters, Shared Parameters,
Scheduler Parameters

Key Set-up Areas
• Info Code (Reason Codes)
• Organisation - Unit of Measure
• General Ledger - Sales Taxes
• Retail - Bar Code Set-up

• Product Creation and Release Management
• Overview of typical retail product sets
• Vendor Product Margin Management
• Dimension groups
• Item Model Groups
• Item Groups

Key Setup-up Areas
• Category Hierarchies – Retail & Supplementary Hierarchies
• Variants & Variant groups
• Attributes

Key Setup-up Areas
• Assortment Hierarchy purpose
• Process Assortments Scheduler
• Inventory Warehouse – Sites & Warehouses
• Retail Store
• Registers

Hierarchy, Create Products, Release products, Assortments

Retail Store POS Configuration
POS look and Feel overview
• POS Profiles - Offline, Receipt, Functional
• Receipt Formats
• Screen layouts & Button Grids
• Images
• Operations & Keyboard Mapping

• Offline Profile
• Functionality Profile
• Receipt Profile
• Hardware Profile
• Visual Profile

Retail Channels
• Payment method setup
• Income / Expense accounts
• Cash Declarations

Retail Roles and Permissions
• Workers
• Retail Roles Overview
• Position and Jobs
• POS Permissions and Permission Groups
• Time & Attendance Management

Retail Price Management
• Retail Price Groups
• Customer Trade Agreements
• Customer Price Groups

Customer Management
• Customers Overview in Back office
• Customer Groups

• Retail Component Overview
• ASync Server, ASync Client, Real Time Service
• Data Syncronization

Key Functionality Areas
• POS Functionality
• Retail Customers
• Sales Orders & Quotes Functionality from POS
• Account Receivable Overview
• End of Day Procedures

Key Functionality Areas
• Vendor Setup – Accounts Payable Overview
• On Hand, Replenishment Management, Product packages,
Replenishment Rules, Buyer’s Push, Cross Docking,
Purchase Orders, Store Transfers.
• Store Count

Promotions and Discounts
• Promotions and Discounts
• Gift Cards
• Credit Memos
32 14:00 - 14:45
Key Functionality Areas
• Retail Reports – Channel Report Configuration
• Retail Store Setup Checklist
• Modern POS – Functionality Overview
Key Functionality Areas
• Retail Sales Upload to HQ (P-Job)
• Retail Transaction Inquiries

Key Functionality Areas
• POS Posting – Inventory & Financial Posting (Statements)
• HQ Reports

Key Functionality Areas
• General Ledger Setup
• Accounting Export
• Mass Update Worksheet

Key Functionality Areas
• Customer Loyalty
• Kits

Data Import Export Framework
• Migrate data from Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management
• Retail Realm Essentials Functionality Exam.

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