Friday, 1 July 2016

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 | Online Customization& Development training

The team @ SPECTO IT possesses deep experience and expertise in providing Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions to its customers. The team has been providing Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions for over 5 years - which is almost equal to the introduction of this solution in India,Europe and USA.

By attending MS Dynamics CRM 2016 (Customization& Development) Online Training, 

Participants will learn to:

Design and implement strategies for the creation of Business Units and Security Roles
Configure Microsoft Dynamics CRM Users and Teams
Describe the principles of customizing the system
Create and configure fields for both custom and system entities
Create and configure custom entities, including standard and activity entities
Design, create and configure relationships between entities
Create and configure Views, Charts and Forms for both system and custom entities
Implement Field Security and Access Team Templates in Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Design, create and configure Solutions in Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Design, create and configure Business Rules and Business Process Flows to guide users through their work.


1)Introduction to Customizing Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016

Customization or Development
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Solutions
Introduction to Entity Customization.

2)Building a Security Model in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016

Introduction to Business Units
Overview of Security Roles
User Management Overview
Team Management Overview
Teams and Sharing
Manage Security Roles for Users and Teams.

3)Customizing Entities

Entity Customization Concepts
Create a Custom Entity
Additional Entity Properties
Modifying the Configuration of an Entity.

4)Customizing Fields

Field Data Types
Field Display Formats
Field Properties
Customize Existing Fields
Configure Option Sets
Status and Status Reason Fields
Delete Fields.

5)Managing Relationships

Types of Entity Relationships
Create Entity Relationships1:N Relationship Behavior
Field Mappings in 1:N Relationships
Connections and Connection Roles.

6)Customizing Forms

Form Customization Overview
Create and Modify Forms
Quick Create and Quick View Forms
Manage Multiple Forms
Mobile Clients.

7)Configuring Business Rules

Configure Business Rules

8)Customizing Views

View Customization Concepts
System Views
Create Custom Views
Remove Unwanted Views

9)Customizing Charts and Dashboards

Create and Modify Charts
Export and Import Charts
Create and Modify Dashboards.

10)Additional Security Options

Field Security
Access Team Templates
Auditing Overview

11)Business Process Flows

Business Process Flows.

12)Application event Programming

Use JScript Libraries to customize Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Explore form and field events
Xrm.Page object
Xrm.Page.context (client-side context object) object
Xrm.Page.ui object
Explore form types
Examine the form event handler execution context
Identify how to set event dependencies
Evaluate how parameters can be used within Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 forms
Apply best practices when writing client-side code
Identify how to debug client-side code.

13)Client Extensions

Integrate web pages into the user interface by using the Site Map
Describe the steps to modify the Ribbon
Demonstrate the use of Custom Actions, Rules, and Localizing Ribbon controls
Describe how URL Addressable forms can be used.

14)Web Resources

Overview the use of web resources
Evaluate how parameters can be used
Demonstrate how web resources are implemented and utilized
Practice referencing web resources within other web resources
Implement the use of a Silverlight web resource
Define REST
Examine and understand the use of ATOM and JSON
Understand and demonstrate how JQuery can be utilized.


Identify how plug-ins can be used to extend Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Review the Microsoft Dynamics CRM event framework
Examine Plug-in Isolation, Trusts, and Statistics
Develop plug-ins
Use impersonation in plug-ins
Use Entity Classes in plug-ins
Register and deploy plug-ins
Debug plug-ins
Integrate Windows Azure with Microsoft Dynamics CRM



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