Monday, 11 July 2016

Microsoft dynamics AX7 Technical Online Training | IT Training Institutes USA

Microsoft dynamics AX7 Technical Online Training | IT Training Institutes United States | United Kingdom |United Emirates


AX Online Training endeavors to cover the complete knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics AX7 Technical modules. The course modules are intended to enhance the know-how of participants about the fundamentals through advanced features and functionalities including X++ and MorphX. Detailed reporting, In-depth technical analysis are the main highlights of this training.
  • Professional seeking to enhance the knowledge about Microsoft Dynamics AX7 Technical/Development courses and functionalities.
  • Experience technical consultants

Development I

1. Overview of AX7
2. Differences between AX2012 vs. AX7
3. Key development features and functionality
4. Architecture
5. Theory of Model Driven Architecture
6. Licensing and Configuration
7. Data Dictionary
8. Tables, Indexes, Views
9. MorphX Development Environment
10. Application Object Tree
11. User Interfaces
12. FactBox
13. Security

Development II

14. Introduction to X++
15. Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming
16. Development tools within AX7
17. X++ Control Statements
18. Classes and Objects
19. Accessing the Database
20. Exception Handling
21. Security for Developers

Development III

22. Introduction to development tools
23. Working with Data
24. Optimal Database Access
25. Database Locking
26. Various techniques in integrating external data
27. Classes
28. GUI components
29. Kernel Classes
30. RunBase Framework
31. Args Object
32. Forms
33. SSRS Integration
34. Developers perspective to functional modules(AR,AP)


35. Topic-wise Case Studies
36. Cookbooks / Workbooks
37. Everyday Assignments
38. Project Work
39. Resume Services
40. Interview Preparation
41. Microsoft Certification Preparation.



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