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Oracle Apps Supply Chain Management Online Training |Fast Track Batches

Oracle Supply Chain Management Online Training :

Oracle Supply Chain Management enables you to drive supply chain processes based on real-time demand information, and in turn provide customers accurate information on pricing and availability. The results – you maximize value in your supply chain while increasing revenues and customer satisfaction levels.

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This training is ideal for customers who have implemented Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12, 12.1 or R12.2. Enrolling in this course will also teach you where Oracle Inventory fits in the overall enterprise structure. The participants will learn to set up organizations that correspond to your business units in Oracle Applications and define inventory items for Oracle Supply Chain Applications.

In this course, participants learn how to set up and use Oracle Sourcing to manage and use the Buyer and Supplier home pages, navigation techniques, and to understand the functions of the three types of Oracle Sourcing users. Participants learn how to create negotiations utilizing various document types, as well as the process for responding, monitoring, and awarding negotiations. Additionally, participants will learn how to use negotiation attributes and line attributes, and to define and use reusable supplier price factors and price factor lists. Finally, participants learn how to create and modify forms and abstracts, and how to use transformational bidding.

In this course, participants learn how to set up and use R12.x Oracle Purchasing to manage the purchasing process. They learn how to create and manage items, suppliers, requisitions, purchase orders, request for quotations, quotations, and receipts. They also learn how to apply document security, routing and approval methods, as well as how to automate the order creation process.

  • eProcurement Overview (5 days):

This course, guides you through eProcurement processes in their logical order. The course provides high-level details about the processes and important step and field-level information for performing steps to complete the processes. In addition to learning about eProcurement processes, the course describes miscellaneous charges that can be combined with items on a purchase order, vendor setup and maintenance information, items, and vendor price adjustments.

  • Supply Chain Education

SPECTO offers different types of supply chain education that can be customized based on a company’s objectives and requirements. Supply chain education can be combined with software specific training on Oracle Supply Chain Planning modules in order to create a solid foundation for implementation and transformation projects. Our educational options can include the following:

  • Process and Supply Chain Focused
  • Basics of Supply Chain Management Concepts
  • Business Processes and Metrics
  • APICS Exam preparation
  • Demand & Supply Planning
  • Demand Forecasting & Demand Planning
  • Master scheduling, Finite production scheduling
  • Inventory Management
  • Segmentation, ABC analysis, Safety stocking Strategies, etc.
  • S&OP Executive Coaching & Advisory
  • Sourcing and Purchasing
  • Distribution & Logistics Strategies

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