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MS Dynamics AX 2012 Production online training by Certified Trainer

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Process Manufacturing Production and Logistics Training | MS Dynamics AX 2012 Production online training by Certified Trainer

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Process Manufacturing Production and Logistics training imparts knowledge and skills on the business process of managing manufacturing, production, and logistics through the Process manufacturing module of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. The aspirants will learn about different types of production defined for an item and the ways to use a formula and route in Specto production scenario. The training also explains how to manage version control methods available in formula management. Containerized packaging, bulk item conversion, Catch Weight (CW) item, rebate agreements and other associated details are addressed in the training.

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1. Process manufacturing Overview

Process Manufacturing
Process Manufacturing and Prerequisite Setups.

2. Formula Management

General Concepts
Formula Features and Elements
Formula Form Accessed from Different Forms
Formula Versions
Copy Formula Versions
Modify Formula Versions
Edit the Formula Lines Using the Formula Designer
Create Formula Versions with Scalable and percentage Controlled Options
Use of Plan Group in Formula Lines
Step Consumption.

3. Batch Orders

Batch Order Costing
Prerequisites For a Formula Calculation
Calculate the Cost Price and Sales Price for Formula Items
Formula Calculation Enhancements
Price Estimation in Batch Order and Sales Order
Batch Order Life Cycle
Process a Batch Order Using the Manufacturing Execution System
Report Unplanned Co-Products and By-Products in a Batch Order
Rework a Batch Order.

4. Master Planning

Master Planning Specific to Process Manufacturing
Multisite Master Planning and its Prerequisites
Perform Master Planning Across Sites
Intercompany Planning
Co-product Planning and Production
Planning Co-Products Using Planning Item
Planning Co-Products with Formula Item.

5. Containerized Packaging

Containerized Packaging
Setup for Containerized Packaging
Firm and Consolidate the Planned Batch Order
Add or Remove the Batch Order from the Consolidated Batch Order.

6. Catch Weight

Pre-conditions for a Catch Weight Item
Partial Visibility Catch Weight Item
Full Visibility Catch Weight Item
Use of Catch Weight in Different Transactions.

7. Lot and Batch Control

Batch Disposition Code
Shelf Life Management
Same Batch Reservation.

8. Batch Attributes

Batch Attributes
Create a Batch Attribute in Inventory and Warehouse Management
Batch Attributes by Product Specific and Customer Specific
Batch Attribute Groups.

9. Vendor Information

Approved Vendor List
Approved Vendor List in Released Products Form
Validate the Approved Vendor Check in Various Forms
Vendor Batch Update.

10. Commodity Pricing

Commodity Pricing

11. Product Compliance

Product Compliance and its Setup
Associate Product Compliance to Released Products
Validate the Product Safety Data Sheet Information in Purchase and Sales Orders
Same Batch Reservation.

12. Rebates

Rebate Agreements
Rebates Process Cycle.

13. Integration with Advanced Warehouse Management

Catch Weight in Advanced Warehouse Management Functions

Reservation in Advanced Warehouse Management for Process Manufacturing.