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Microsoft dynamics AX 2012 Functional (Production) online training |USA

Microsoft dynamics AX 2012 Functional (Production) online training |USA providing by Specto IT Training.
Course Overview
Product information management to define and create products and product variants. Products of the types Item and Service are used in the sales, purchase, and operational processes in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. When products have been defined and created, you can authorize the products for use by releasing the products to individual legal entities.
When you have defined a product master in Product information management, you can create product variants manually or you can use configuration technologies such as the Product Builder and the Product configuration to configure the product variants.

How Does Production Module Help a business?

  • Minimize lead times and satisfy customer demand with flexible scheduling options
  • Control the utilization of your manufacturing resources for optimum performance
  • Track production progress and easily make changes to increase production efficiency and reduce costs
  • Production in Microsoft Dynamics AX comprises three modules: Production I, which includes basic production functionality for handling material flow; Production II, which allows you to plan and execute routes, operations and rough capacity planning; and Production III,  job management and detailed production scheduling.

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Production training

Production training
This training gives you knowledge in Production and how it is implemented in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009. We will see how the Production module is integrated with the Financial module and go through the production life cycle. All production entities and processes are described in a convenient way with the step-by-step examples in Dynamics AX. The training covers the main topics and is a good manual for passing an interview or a certification.
The content of the Production training for Dynamics AX 2009 includes the following topics:
  1. Basic concepts
  2. Bills of Material
  3. Work Centers
  4. Routes and Operations
  5. Production life cycle:
    • Creating a Production Order
    • Estimating
    • Scheduling
    • Releasing
    • Shipping Components
    • Starting
    • Posting a Job in Shop Floor Control
    • Posting a Job Manually
    • Reporting as Finished
    • Ending
Delivery package includes:
  • Production training
  • Questions & Answers for DAX 2009 Production Exam.