Thursday, 7 April 2016

Microsoft dynamics ax 2012 (Technical) module | IT online trainings Dubai

Microsoft dynamics ax 2012 (Technical) module  | IT online training
Module 1: Introduction to Services and Application Integration Framework
This module introduces delegates to the array of services available in Microsoft Dynamics AX. It also provides basic information about how services can be used to integrate Microsoft #DynamicsAX  with other systems.
  • Concepts
  • Integrations
Module 2: Architecture
This module explains how AIF helps integrate Microsoft Dynamics AX with other external business processes and systems.
  • High Level Features and Concepts
  • Topology
  • Usability
  • Support for Data Model Changes
Module 3: Installation and Upgrade
This module discusses installation and upgrade considerations for Services and AIF in Microsoft Dynamics AX.
  • Installation
  • Upgrade
Lab : Configure Services to Use IIS
Lab : Install MSMQ
Module 4: Administration
This module explains how to set up AIF batch jobs, set up integration ports and identifies the adapters that are available which enable Microsoft Dynamics AX to communicate by using various transport protocols.
  • Set Up Batch
  • Integration Ports
  • Adapters
Lab : Set Up Batch
Module 5: Development Concepts
This module explains the key development concepts that are necessary to use AIF and Services with Microsoft Dynamics AX.
  • Service Types
  • Document Services
  • Custom Services
  • System Services
  • How AIF Exchanges Data
  • Customizing the AIF Pipeline
  • Business Operations Framework
  • Security
Lab : Add Validation and Defaulting to a Web Service
Lab : AIF Document Service Wizard
Lab : Business Operations Framework
Module 6: Working with Services
This module explains and reinforces the concepts learned in the previous modules of this course by providing hands-on labs and provides additional information to use the major functions in AIF and Services.
  • Call an External Service
  • Create and Call a Custom Service by Using a Basic Port
  • Call a Document Service by Using NetTcp
  • Call a Document Service with the File Adapter
  • Create a Synchronous Document Exchange between BizTalk and AIF
  • Exchange Documents by Using the MSMQ Adapter
  • Call the Metadata Service
  • Create and Deploy Outbound Exchange
Lab : Create and Call a Custom Service by Using a Basic Port
Lab : Call a Document Service by Using NetTcp
Lab : Call a Document Service with the File Adapter
Lab : Call the User Session Service
Lab : Create and Deploy an Outbound Exchange
Module 7: Troubleshooting and Logging
This module explains the benefits of troubleshooting and logging integrations and introduces several new capabilities to improve the troubleshooting and logging experience.
  • Monitoring Services and AIF
  • Troubleshooting
Lab : Debugging Services.