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MS Dynamics AX 2012 Project Management & Accounting Training online

Microsoft dynamics AX 2012 module is divided in to so sub module,like AX 2012 Financials,AX 2012 Trade and Logistics,AX 2012 Technical and AX 2012 Project Management & Accounting.

Specto IT providing hand on training on Project Management & Accounting module by real time certified consultant.It is completely live online training with real time scenarios.


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Introduction to Project Management and Accounting in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012


This course provides new users with an overview of the benefits of the Project Management and Accounting Module and the functionality available in Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Course Details

Module 01: Working with Projects. 

Lesson 1: Project Overview.. 

Lesson 2: Project Workspace and Module Navigation. 

Lesson 3: Create a New Project.

Lesson 4: Project Hierarchies.

Lesson 5: Project Numbering. 

Lesson 6: Copying Projects. 

Lesson 7: Project Stages. 

Module 02: Understanding Project Types. 

Lesson 1: Project Type Overview.. 

Lesson 2: Time and Material 

Lesson 3: Fixed Price. 

Lesson 4: Internal 

Lesson 5: Cost. 

Lesson 6: Investment. 

Lesson 7: Time. 

Module 03: Understanding Project Transactions. 

Lesson 1: Transaction Type Overview.. 

Lesson 2: Project Categories. 

Lesson 3: Demonstration: Project Categories. 

Lesson 4: Project Pricing Overview.. 

Lesson 5: Demonstration: Project Pricing. 

Lesson 6: Sales Price Models. 

Lesson 7: Project Groups. 

Lesson 8: Demonstration: Project Groups. 

Lesson 9: Project Line Properties. 

Lesson 10: Project Ledger Posting Setup. 

Lesson 11: Demonstration: Project Ledger Posting Setup. 

Module 04: Understanding Project Journals. 

Lesson 1: Module Overview.. 

Lesson 2: Hours Journal 

Lesson 3: Expense Journal 

Lesson 4: Fee Journal 

Lesson 5: Item Journal 

Lesson 6: Beginning Balance Journal 

Lesson 7: Project Journal Approval